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vendor details.

Non-food Vendors

$35 (12′ by 12′ space)

Food Vendors

$50 (12′ by 30′ space)

Please note:  Food vendors must provide proof of insurance.

Have a Question?

If you have a question or need additional info about ZombieTown USA, please contact us at vendors@zombietownusa.com or by phone at 814-942-3929.

Vendor Duties.

  1.  Set up after 8 AM on Saturday Oct 7, 2017. Tear down after 10 PM on Saturday Oct 7, 2017.
  2.  Deposits and fees must be paid prior to set up.
  3.  Supply all utensils, coolers, food products, and supplies as needed.
  4.  Maintain a neat and clean concession area.
  5.  Post and maintain your established prices throughout the event.
  6.  Have at least one adult present in the concession stand and be open during the hours of operation of the event.
  7.  The event will be open Saturday from 10AM – 10PM.
  8.  Place bagged concession garbage daily in or next to the City-provided trash cans for next morning pick up.
  9.  All vendors will be required to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, and metal containers. Place recycling materials in the IRC-provided containers for next morning pick-up.
  10.  Electric is limited and not guaranteed.  If you need electric please contact us for at vendors@zombietownusa.com for more information.
We are not accepting any more vendors.  If you would like to a vendor for next years ZombieTown USA on October 5,-5, 2018, please contact vendors@zombietownusa.com.


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